Shibori Samples, Intensive

I took a shibori class with Joan Morris at the Tampa Convergence. Shibori circles from Joan Morris workshop

She designed fabric for costumes in the Lion King and included work with vegetal dyes…something I hadn’t tried before.  I entered the workshop with a sense of great anticipation and a healthy curiosity.

A slight, precise, intense woman, Joan reawakened and validated my love of stitching.

Heads bent over our work, we stitched for hours

before pulling the thread tight, tying just-so knots, and dipping the cotton, linen and silk fabric into dyes made from plant and animals materials. shibori sampler We used techniques that made fabric look like woodgrain – mokume – as well as spider webs and pole-wrapping.  For a real treat we started an indigo vat and she taught us proper respect for the process and the virtues of layering color.

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