Kittens and looms – do they mix?

Came across this series of posts on Rugtalk (a yahoo group I belong to) – amazing and creative…

Q. I have a question about my loom and a 3month old kitten. She has now ventured into my room and over a 3 day period ruined all my warping on the loom (broken threads)! I have no doors to my room. Maybe when my kids grow and move out I can have a room with a door. Is there something that will detour the cat? I have trained the dog not to come into the room and my old cat has no interest. Help!

A. She is a kitten…so she is very interested and will be for at least a year. One deterrent you can try is a water gun. Have her with you in the loom room, and when she attacks the loom or warp then shoot her. When she is not bothering anything let her alone. She may still be too young to put it together but by 6 months she will be old enough. I have 19 cats and 7 dogs….always challenging…blessings

A. Put lots of rows of double sided tape across the doorway – you might have to do a wide stretch she will have a hard time jumping over – cats hate sticky feet!

A. When I lived in Florida I did volunteer work for private sanctuaries and had baby monkeys. Full grown they weighed a pound and had tails 12 inches long. Used to get caught in the harnesses on my Seivers loom while I was weaving. LOL

A. I use single sheet of newspaper, covering the warp front and back, and it will keep a cat off the loom. It doesn’t weigh down the warp threads like a blanket might and is easy to fold up and store away. And move your bench!!!

A. I built a platform (removable) across the top of my loom. My very agile cat’s main interest was getting up there and looking down at everyone…I also cover my weaving and the warp with sheets when I’m not working.

A. Mothballs will keep Kitten away from your weaving! You only need a few and they will avoid your loom like the plague!

A. I have heard that cats do not like lemon juice. Also pepper sprinkled in the doorway might do the trick. It is a repellant to some animals. My cat, once she was allowed in the house after disappearing for 10 days, hasn’t tried to sleep on the warp yet but she sure climbs around and explores in my mess. She was batting away at my warp threads when I was threading one day. She is on the skittery side so all I had to do was stomp my foot at her and she left. Just hope that whoever you sell to is not allergic.

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