My Healing Cloak

When I began to reawaken from my Guillain Barre-induced winter’s nap, people asked what I thought the experience would mean for my life, and for my art. One of the first things I realized was that I felt enveloped with healing thoughts and good wishes from all the people who sent me cards.  And I … More My Healing Cloak

Hello again

This has been a surprising year for me…I contracted a rare neurological disorder in January called Guillan Barre Syndrome, and have been slowly recovering my motor and brain functions ever since…every nerve cell in my body is new.  So my creative work will be new, too.

Learning to Crochet

This summer I’ve been working on pieces for the Asheville Reef, a spin-off (no pun intended) of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef created by the Wertheim sisters of the Institute for Figuring.  It’s wonderfully organic and free-form…not your grandma’s crochet!

Asheville Fibershed

A small group has been meeting at HandMade in America and talking about how we could create better connections, identify and fill gaps in the market, and grow the fiber economy in our region. Last Tuesday morning, I read an email from Chris at Joybilee Farm in southern British Columbia that rocked my world! It … More Asheville Fibershed

Spinning with cat hair

When you have Persian-Himalyan cats living with you, there are several benefits – there’s always something cuddly nearby to talk to and plenty of free fibery material available at your finger tips. Little Sister, my Persian-Himalayan kitty pictured to the right, is all white with light green-blue eyes, a pink nose and a sweet disposition.  … More Spinning with cat hair

Convergence was full of fiber art surprises

When I signed up for Holly Brackmann’s Convergence workshop, Fast and Easy Dyeing Without a Dyepot, I had no idea what I was getting into. She’s written a great book called The Surface Designer’s Handbook, and I figured I’d pick up some tips and tricks. Well, that’s an understatement! Holly introduced me to something completely … More Convergence was full of fiber art surprises