Spinning with cat hair

When you have Persian-Himalyan cats living with you, there are several benefits – there’s always something cuddly nearby to talk to and plenty of free fibery material available at your finger tips. Little Sister, my Persian-Himalayan kitty pictured to the right, is all white with light green-blue eyes, a pink nose and a sweet disposition.  … More Spinning with cat hair

Convergence was full of fiber art surprises

When I signed up for Holly Brackmann’s Convergence workshop, Fast and Easy Dyeing Without a Dyepot, I had no idea what I was getting into. She’s written a great book called The Surface Designer’s Handbook, and I figured I’d pick up some tips and tricks. Well, that’s an understatement! Holly introduced me to something completely … More Convergence was full of fiber art surprises

Fear of entry

This evening I forwarded a couple of Calls for Artists to other weaver and fiber artist friends…but didn’t put the deadlines on my calendar. Why do I feel so ready to encourage others, but not myself? A little bit of cloth, a lot of color, some dash and a dribble of glitz…that’s all it is. … More Fear of entry