Convergence was full of fiber art surprises

disperse dyes go on paper before clothWhen I signed up for Holly Brackmann’s Convergence workshop, Fast and Easy Dyeing Without a Dyepot, I had no idea what I was getting into. She’s written a great book called The Surface Designer’s Handbook, and I figured I’d pick up some tips and tricks.

Well, that’s an understatement! Holly introduced me to something completely foreign – disperse dyes – first you paint onto paper, then transfer onto fabric by using a hot iron – preferably onto polyester. Now I don’t really feature going back to wearing polyester (in fact I never really did) so I was stumped for a while and just played around with color.

This was Day 4 of Convergence and I’d spent the last 3 days in shiboriland (more about that later when my samples are done) – my brain wasn’t taking this in. So at lunch I sat down between the big curtain windows overlooking the Hillsborough River and the lunch line, so I saw lots of friends, met new people, joked around and got some good ju-ju going.

That afternoon, I was waiting for the summer afternoon thunderstorms to roll through and found those disperse dyes were just the thing to capture the moment. Thanks, Holly!

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