My Healing Cloak

P1010630 (1688x3000)
The Recovery Cloak with woven back panel

When I began to reawaken from my Guillain Barre-induced winter’s nap, people asked what I thought the experience would mean for my life, and for my art. One of the first things I realized was that I felt enveloped with healing thoughts and good wishes from all the people who sent me cards.  And I believe they made me get better, faster.

Some were from people I didn’t even know!

I decided to play with the idea of illustrating this in fiber, and the Healing Cloak idea was born. Wrapped in the good wishes of friends and friends-of-friends, I healed much more quickly than any of the doctors predicted.

I experimented with color and texture and design ideas this winter, making pillow-tops and learning to make digital prints on fabric. I even took a class with Daryl Lancaster in March at FTWG to learn a technique to capture photos in woven cloth.

Detail of handwoven panel in Recovery Cloak
Detail of handwoven panel in Recovery Cloak

In April, thanks to my good friend Cheryl Kotecki, a master seamstress and quilter, the vision of the Cloak began to take shape. We finished it June 3rd and Gary took photos.

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