Luminous Paper at the Folk School

p1010010-2 August 2-8 was my debut as a teacher at the John Campbell Folk School, and it couldn’t have been more fun!  We had a class of 5 students making brightly colored silk paper…each an artist in her own right, enthused to learn a new medium, make unique work, and have some laughs in the process.  Kathy Hays and I were the instructors, and we brought lots of brightly colored silk, throwsters waster, cocoon strippings, silk hankies (no, you don’t wipe your brow with them), and lots of things to paint, stamp and embellish with.

Silk Papermakers
Silk Papermakers

As quickly as the first evening, we began making paper and several people were still pulling a final sheet off the crinoline on Friday afternoon…the color and sheen were simply irresistible.  We were a group of diverse backgrounds – from serious art student to enthusiastic dabbler – and that’s where the magic of the Folk School really kicks in…this is a school with no grades, where everyone learns and teaches and enjoys the journey.

p1010026Since I’m a weaver, you know I had to try weaving things with my paper…here’s a vessel in process.

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