Introducing Spindoll Art Yarns

Camp Pluckyfluff creations
Camp Pluckyfluff creations

When I started spinning 3 years ago, I was enchanted by the creative spirit of Lexi Boeger, also known as Pluckyfluff.  While I needed to develop my basic skills before attempting her wild and crazy style, she was my spinning hero. In the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, I’d read her blog and practice…I went to the Salvation Army and bought silk ties for 50 cents on half-price day, then cut them up to spin with my fiber.

Lexi demonstrating tail-spinning on her Aura wheel
Lexi demonstrating tail-spinning on her Aura wheel

This month I finally got to attend a Camp Pluckyfluff with Lexi in Asheville at the Folk Art Center. I became excited about spinning art yarn all over again, and enjoyed the Etsy energy from the people I met at camp – some had been spinning all their life, many only a few months, and all jumped right in to the “yarn as art” vibe and made amazing sample. I’ve even come up with my own new spinner name – Spindoll.


Here are some samples from our workshop, which I’m practicing and refining nearly every day.  Mohairy is a corespun yarn made from a fluffy mohair batt, and Curly is a multi-colored spun single  from Corriedale I bought at SAFF last year, plied with a fine, shiny gold rayon.


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