Introducing 8 new Spindolls, plus Betty

Just returned from a 2-day ArtYarn workshop for the Pinellas Weavers Guild, and it was great!  Here’s the awesome class members, plus our hostess (in profile) Betty Scrimshaw.  Here’s what the new Spindolls had to say:

Judi, Thank u it was the very best workshop I have ever taken soooo much fun and everyone was so nice. Hope u can come to Sarasota some time. Jean Woodward (co-founder of the MD Sheep & Wool Festival)

We had such a great time spinning over the last two days. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly, Sara James (our photographer)
I really enjoyed taking the spinning class. Thank you so much for teaching Me not to be afraid of experimenting with different fibers. I realized that My over spun yarns can be used in a different way. Thank you again and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season, Liz Jones
We all spent a lot of time in bat-land with lots of brilliant colors of mohair, cottswald, and add-ins like firestar and feathers.  Batts that were boring became stunning, and everyone  left with more ideas for new yarn to than there are hours in the day.

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